Beautiful Charts

Family tree charts are the most visual way to experience genealogy, allowing each individual in the family to see their place in it. We will design your chart so that it clearly and simply shows your friend or relative's genealogy.

The charts show all the basic genealogical information on each individual, such as name, date and place of birth, date and place of marriage, and date and place of death.

As with all our products we invite you to have as much input into the chart as possible. We can use any background image you choose - perhaps a photograph of the family home, or the area they once lived. As you can see from the images to your left our charts can be presented in a variety of styles, modern, traditional, or personal.

Different printing and presentation options are also available. You can have your chart printed on A2-sized photographic paper, or it can be printed on canvas for a really modern luxurious feel. If you would like the chart on A2 photographic paper you can also have it framed in a variety of styles.

Although a chart comes with every gift package, if your gift is for a family, extra charts can be added to your order very easily. Again we want you to have a package designed just for you.