February 2009:

We cannot praise Graham and Emma Maxwell’s genealogy research more highly and as recent customers we fully recommend their services.

I contacted Emma to ask if they could carry out a genealogy search for a particular branch of his family. As this was a secret gift, I did not have a great deal of information to give them as a starter. But this proved no problem, and I was staggered to find that within a short time they had managed to trace a line dating back to the late 17th century!

The book that was produced at the end of the search was incredibly detailed – hosts of birth, death, marriage and wedding certificates, census records and other documents such as poor roll registers. It also included pictures of more recent family members. It is truly a book to treasure and made a completely unique and original gift.

They also took the trouble of tracking down photographs of properties my husband’s family had lived in. And not just 20th century homes, but a couple of houses from the early 1800s and late 1700s.

This meant that when we went on a tour of the region his family came from, we could go and see the towns, villages and actual properties where his ancestors had lived.

Even with some genealogy experience, this would not have been possible without countless hours of research. Graham and Emma’s knowledge mean they can be both fast and accurate workers, and have built up – and continue to add to - their excellent knowledge of tracing family trees.

For people that live outside the UK – maybe in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - whose ancestors may have left the country several generation previously, having Graham and Emma carry out your genealogy research on your behalf is by far the best, most accurate and cost-effective way of bringing together records about your family history.

Armed with their information, a visit to your ancestral homeland will be that much richer as you will have a more detailed idea of the places that are closely connected to your family.

We are very happy to be contacted by email if you would like further endorsement of Graham and Emma’s work.

Kay Pringle, Peeblesshire.

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