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Scottish Indexes Conference

Scottish Indexes Conference XIX - Saturday 14 January 2023 (updated 15 January 2023)

We hope that you enjoyed our 19th conference. Registration is now open for our 20th Scottish Indexes Conference on Saturday 15 April 2023.


In March 2020, with most of the world in lockdown, we had the crazy idea to host our first online conference. We wanted to make it free and accessible to everyone. We were blown away by the response, not only from attendees but also from genealogists, archivists and family history societies who volunteered to give their time and energy to help us host these conferences.

Of course to keep these conferences accessible to everyone, we do need donations so that we can pay Zoom and our speakers. We know that these are challenging financial times for many so we are keeping the conferences free with no recommended donation. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who is able to donate to keep these conferences going.

Scottish Indexes Conference Donation - £10 -
Scottish Indexes Conference Donation - £20 -
Scottish Indexes Conference Donation - £50 -

Handouts from Scottish Indexes Conference XIX

Emma has prepared the conference handout which includes information on all the presenters and many of the resources mentioned during the day. Download the PDF handout here.

Tessa Spencer has kindly prepared a handout for her presentation, ‘Secrets of the 1921 Scottish Census’ which is available here.

Margaret Fox has also prepared a handout for her presentation, ‘Cracking the Code: deciphering old Scottish handwriting’ which is available here.

Lorraine Stewart has also prepared a handout for her presentation, ‘“The Scotch Colony” of New Kincardineshire (From Kincardineshire to New Kincardineshire 1873)’ which is available here.

Andrew Armstrong has also prepared a handout for his presentation, ‘The Real Brigadoon Villages’ which is available here.

Registration Instructions

Zoom: Many of us are now more familiar with Zoom than we were in April 2020 when we held our first conference. We have now expanded our package so there is plenty of capacity if you would prefer to watch on Zoom. Click here to register on Zoom.

Facebook: This is an easy way to watch and interact with the presenters and attendees of the Scottish Indexes Conference. It is also possible to cast the conference to a smart TV which makes viewing more comfortable. Click here to join the Scottish Indexes Facebook Group.

Past Conferences

These events are designed to be interactive and are best watched live. Some presentations from previous conferences are available to watch again. Visit our Past Conferences page to see what you’ve missed so far and catch up with some of the presentations.

Scottish Genealogy Indexes

For over 20 years we have been publishing indexes to historical Scottish documents. It all started with the census, back in the days when it wasn’t online! Our indexes have expanded and now you can search our Scottish genealogy indexes on this website.

Of course, there is always more to do! We work with volunteers to index records and right now they are beavering away at the prison registers and other exciting projects. Would you like to volunteer?

Scottish Indexes Conference

Join fellow family historians to help us index records, you can index one page or 100 pages, it’s entirely up to you. Never done any indexing before? That’s OK, you will be given lots of help and anything you can do will be very much appreciated. We want to work together to index these amazing records that can help us all discover our ancestors.

To get involved please contact us and we will give you more information.

Another way to help us get more records online is to donate to our indexing projects, this pays for a genealogist to index more challenging records such as sasines, deeds and court records.

Indexing Donation - £5 -
Indexing Donation - £10 -
Indexing Donation - £20 -

Scottish Indexes Orders (update 8 January 2023)

Many of the items we have indexed are not affected by COVID as we have digital copies of the original records. This means that we can still process many orders within 72 hours. A few record sets which we access on demand are still affected by the pandemic but the situation is now rapidly improving. If we cannot fulfil your order within four weeks we will explain the situation and can make a full refund if necessary.

The National Records of Scotland (NRS) are now open. After an 18-month closure, we are clearing our backlog as rapidly as possible, and expect normal service to resume shortly.

We are processing orders by the date that we received payment and we are doing so as quickly as we can. Please contact us if you have any questions before or after you place an order.

Scottish Indexes - Record Sets Facebook Group

Database last updated on 27 December 2022 at 5:40 p.m. GMT

This update has added paternity cases from Perth Sheriff Court 1885-1887 and Glasgow Sheriff Courrt 1862-1863 and 1901-1903.


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