Scottish Indexes Conference

Scottish Indexes Conference XXV - Saturday 7 September 2024

We hope that you enjoyed our 24th conference. Registration is now open for our 25th Scottish Indexes Conference on Saturday 7 September 2024.

Don’t live in the UK? No problem. We are live from 7 am to 11 pm UK time. We do this to make our conferences time-zone friendly. Each presentation is shown twice, once between 7 am and 3 pm UK time, then again between 3 pm and 11 pm. You can come and go throughout the day. A schedule will be posted on our website a week or so before the conference.


This conference is run through the kindness of your donations. We are delighted to be able to continue hosting these for the Scottish genealogy community.

If you are in a position to donate at this time, we greatly appreciate your support. We know that these are challenging financial times for many so we are keeping the conferences free with no recommended donation. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to keep these conferences going.

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Registration Instructions

Zoom: It is free to register for this event on Zoom. Click here, fill out the registration form and you should receive an email confirmation within a few minutes. You will also receive reminders in the week before the conference.

Facebook: This is an easy way to watch and interact with the presenters and attendees of the Scottish Indexes Conference. It is also possible to cast the conference to a smart TV which makes viewing more comfortable. Click here to join the Scottish Indexes Facebook Group.


These were the speakers at the March 2024 Conference. Details on speakers for our September conference will be coming soon.

'Family History and the Clyde' by Dr Irene O'Brien, Archivist at Glasgow City Archives

'Survival Sex, Poverty and Desperation: Prostitution in Aberdeen 1840-1870' by Dr Dee Hoole

'Understanding Scottish Inheritance Records' by genealogist Chris Paton

'The John Gray Centre: East Lothian's Heritage Hub' by Dr Hanita Ritchie

'Making the most of Scottish High Court records' by genealogist Emma Maxwell

'Researching Hudson Bay Company Ancestors' by Christine Woodcock

Schedules & Handouts

Handouts: Emma has prepared the conference handout for the 24th Scottish Indexes Conference on 23 March 2024 which includes information on all the presenters and many of the resources mentioned during the day. Download the PDF handout here. If you are looking for handouts from previous conferences please see our Past Conferences page.

Schedules: About a week before our next conference we will post schedules in a variety of timezones.

Past Conferences

These events are designed to be interactive and are best watched live. Some presentations from previous conferences are available to watch again. Visit our Past Conferences page to see what you have missed so far and catch up with some of the presentations.