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Part of the joy of researching your family tree is learning to use new records. The basic building blocks are census records and civil registration records. If you are just embarking on the exciting family history journey then start with our first section, “Be the Detective - Your Free Guide to Tracing Your Family Tree”. This quick guide will give you the information you need to start tracing your Scottish family history.

If you have started unpicking your family history, there will be sections where you have questions. It may be a brick wall, or it may simply be that you want to know more about the people behind the names, you want to delve deeper into the archives.

Is ‘illegitimate’ emblazoned on your ancestor’s birth certificate? Did your great aunt die in a Scottish lunatic asylum? These situations lead to questions. Search the records and discover your history. Feel free to contact us with any question you may have about your Scottish family history and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for genealogy tips.

Be the Detective - Your Free Guide to Tracing Your Family Tree

Civil Registration

Births, Marriages and Deaths in Scotland before 1855

Crown Office Sudden and Suspicious Deaths

Census in Scotland

Prison Registers

High Court Criminal Records - Quick Guide

High Court Criminal Records - Advanced Guide

Finding Paternity Cases in Sheriff Court Records

Kirk Session Records

Poor Relief Records in Scotland

List of Mental Health Institutions in Scotland

Mental Health Records in Scotland

Kelso Dispensary Patient Records

The Register of Deeds

Sasines - Scottish Property Records

Valuation Rolls from 1855

Visualising Your Family History

Use of Maiden Surnames in Scotland

Frequently Asked Questions about Scottish Indexes