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Scottish Indexes Conference

Coronavirus Update From Scottish Indexes (7 April 2020)

Scottish Indexes Conference - 9 April 2020

Researching your family history online has never been easier. I don’t think any of us are enjoying being stuck inside, but why not take advantage of the opportunity to trace your Scottish family history? #StayHomeStaySafe

Here at Scottish Indexes, we are bringing together some of Scotland’s leading genealogists for a full day of learning and chat.

There will be two sessions to this conference, the first starting at 06:00 UTC, the second starting at 13:00 UTC. We’re hoping that this will enable you to join us at some point no matter where you are in the world. To access this event please join our Facebook Group. If you are not on Facebook please contact us.

Our master programme is scheduled using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), we have also prepared programmes for selected other time zones. Click below to download the relevant programme as a PDF file.

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) - Scottish Indexes Conference Programme - 9 April 2020

New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) - Scottish Indexes Conference Programme - 9-10 April 2020

Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) - Scottish Indexes Conference Programme - 9-10 April 2020

British Summer Time (BST) - Scottish Indexes Conference Programme - 9 April 2020

Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) - Scottish Indexes Conference Programme - 9 April 2020

Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) - Scottish Indexes Conference Programme - 8-9 April 2020

Coronavirus Update From Scottish Indexes (31 March 2020)

The Scottish Indexes Conference will begin on Thursday 9 April 2020 at 06:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and continue until about 20:00 UTC. This should give you an opportunity to join whatever time zone you are in.

A full schedule for the day will be published as soon as possible. Genealogists across Scotland are volunteering their time to enable us to provide this event for free.

Chris Paton, genealogist at Scotland's Greatest Story will present “Discover Scottish Civil Registration Records”.

Clare Wilson of Treehouse Genealogy will show us how to set up and use Facebook for family history - perfect for beginners.

Anne Henry of Warthog Genealogy will give a presentation aimed at younger family members to help them trace their family history.

Andrew Armstrong runs Relatively Scottish and he has been one of our volunteers for a while now, helping us to index Kelso Dispensary Patient Registers, his talk will focus on these records.

Emma and Graham Maxwell who run Scottish Indexes will be on hand throughout the day and will present topics on Sheriff Court records, overcoming brick walls and how prison registers can help you trace your family history.

Keep up-to-date by joining our Facebook group. Not on Facebook? Just email us and we can make sure you stay up-to-date and find out how to join this free event.

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Coronavirus Update From Scottish Indexes (23 March 2020)

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During this difficult period, we wish to reassure our customers that many of our family history services can be provided as usual. As all of us around the globe experience health concerns, financial difficulties and isolation we want to do all we can to support you.

Genealogy is a hobby that can largely be done online and is therefore perfect for people who are staying at home during this crisis. We hope this will help fight loneliness and keep our minds active.

We already have many free resources such as free online indexes, our Learning Zone and Facebook group. We will update these and arrange free online genealogy events. Join our Facebook group to find out more and join these free events. Not on Facebook? Email us for details.

We are a husband and wife team who have been indexing records for nearly 20 years. We want to keep providing our resources, and add to them, so we are asking for your help. Can you donate to ‘keep the lights on’ at If you can’t, we completely understand and want you to continue enjoying our free resources. If you can, please consider making a small donation so that we can keep our business going through this period and keep indexing important historical documents. Thank you all for your support.

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Scottish Genealogy Research

Are you eager to start tracing your Scottish heritage but you don’t know where to begin? Head over to our Scottish Genealogy Learning Zone and take a look at our getting started guide. We have links to the major websites you will need, special offers and tips to get you started.

On our Scottish Indexes website, you will find a great variety of records to help you trace your Scottish family tree and discover your ancestors. Use the search form above to search all our records or go to our 'Record Sets' page to search a specific set. Not sure what historical records you can search on the Scottish Indexes website? Visit our coverage section for a detailed breakdown.

Looking for tips on how to break down those genealogy brick walls? Do you need a second pair of eyes to work out what an old document says or are you not sure what records to look at next? Join our Facebook group and you will find a large group of people ready and waiting to help.

Featured Documents

There are often extremes in family history. Either our ancestors seem to have lived and died leaving no trace or they have left behind a mountain of information.

It is often the rich who left behind great legacies of documentation, but the ‘Ag Labs’ seem to receive barely even a mention. Ironically it is when even the most ‘ordinary’ of ancestors fell upon hard times that we can discover the most and read the richest stories about their lives.

If we have an ancestor who went to court we can find a lot about them, the case and their lives. By far the best of these historical records are the records of the Scottish High Court, Scotland’s highest criminal court.

We have an index to Scottish High Court records from 1790 to 1917, which contains over 139,000 entries! Learn more about these amazing records in our latest tutorial, “Using Scottish High Court Records for Scottish Genealogy”:

Visit the Scottish Genealogy Learning Zone to sharpen your genealogy skills, learn about historical records and watch more free family history tutorials.

Database last updated on 3 March 2020 at 4:20 p.m. GMT

This update has added entries from Edinburgh (Calton Jail) Prison Register for January-April 1841.

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