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Scottish Indexes Conference

Scottish Indexes Conference VI - 10 October 2020 (update 7 September 2020)

During 2020 we have been hosting a series of free Scottish genealogy events, a series of conferences designed to help you trace your Scottish family tree.

The next conference is scheduled for the 10th of October 2020. We start at 7 am UK, this is early evening in Australia and New Zealand. We keep going until about 11 pm UK time so that people in the United States and Canada can watch too. Each presentation is shown twice throughout the day and we have a live Q&A with each presenter as well as two longer Q&A sessions throughout the day. Nearer the time we will post schedules in a variety of timezones.

If you have missed the conferences so far, you can catch up on some of the presentations here.

We will post more details about our sixth conference in the coming days… it’s looking good!

Registration Instructions

Facebook: This is the option that most people use, simply join our Facebook group (the Scottish Indexes Facebook Group) and you can watch the family history conference streamed live. You can ask questions of our presenters and chat online with other attendees. Click here to join the Scottish Indexes Facebook Group.

Zoom: You can also join for free on Zoom, simply click here and follow the instructions.


Through your kind donations, we have been able to keep this series of Scottish family history conferences going for five months now, and every one of them has been free! We’re also grateful to our presenters, past and present, who have donated their time and helped us put together an interesting and informative day.

If you would like to donate to help us cover the costs involved, please select from the options below:

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Scottish Indexes Orders (update 2 August 2020)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we can still fulfil many orders from our online Scottish genealogy indexes, but not all. If you order a record that we can’t supply right now, we offer a full refund, so feel free to place your order. Alternatively, contact us to make sure your order will not be affected right now.

As a result of the pandemic, archives across Scotland have been closed. Gradually, some are opening, but we’re not back to ‘normal’ yet. Please contact us to discuss which research projects we can complete right now and which will have to wait.

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Scottish Genealogy Research

Are you eager to start tracing your Scottish heritage but you don’t know where to begin? Head over to our Scottish Genealogy Learning Zone and take a look at our getting started guide. We have links to the major websites you will need, special offers and tips to get you started.

On our Scottish Indexes website, you will find a great variety of records to help you trace your Scottish family tree and discover your ancestors. Use the search form above to search all our records or go to our 'Record Sets' page to search a specific set. Not sure what historical records you can search on the Scottish Indexes website? Visit our coverage section for a detailed breakdown.

Looking for tips on how to break down those genealogy brick walls? Do you need a second pair of eyes to work out what an old document says or are you not sure what records to look at next? Join our Facebook group and you will find a large group of people ready and waiting to help.

Featured Documents

As featured at the Scottish Indexes Conference in June, deeds are extremely useful when you are tracing your family history.

Searching back to 1855 in Scotland is often straightforward, but tracing our family back further involves a variety of records. A much overlooked resource are deeds, which were created by our ancestors for various purposes. They are legal documents which record a wide variety of transactions, but along with this legal information is wonderful genealogical information which can help you blast through those brick walls.

For example, we may find a marriage contract naming the bride and groom’s fathers, or other relatives. Or we may find a will giving vital information, which can be hard to find before 1855.

Even deeds which may at first seem less interesting can actually be extremely useful. In the text of the deed itself, a full designation is almost always given for each party, and this can often include the name of a person’s father, their former residence or the name of some other relation. Witnesses are recorded, and these may be relatives, with their relationships being frequently mentioned.

Historically deeds could be registered by a number of courts. We’re indexing the ‘Books of Council and Session’ or as it is less formally described, the ‘Register of Deeds’, and also Sheriff Court and Commissary Court Deeds.

Sadly, this is a time-consuming project, but thanks to kind donations, we have now been able to expand our database.

Can you donate £20 to this project?

Find out more about the Register of Deeds here in our Learning Zone.

Database last updated on 21 September 2020 at 7:15 p.m. BST

This update has added paternity cases from Stirling Sheriff Court Extracted Decrees from 1871-1877.

Remember that spellings in historical records can vary widely, so use wildcards to help you find your ancestors. See our help page for more information.

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