1851 Census

Enumeration Book1
Location Notesnorth side
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NameOther NameRelationshipConditionAgeSexOccupationBirthplace 18411861Notes 
Thomas Walker HeadUnmarried47MShoemaker Master employing 4 MenPeebles, Peebles Link 
Name Thomas Walker
Other Name
Relationship Head
Condition Unmarried
Age 47
Sex M
Occupation Shoemaker Master employing 4 Men
Birthplace Peebles, Peebles
1841 Census
1861 Census Link
Adam Walker BrotherUnmarried45MHand Loom Weaver (Woolen)Peebles, Peebles Link 
Name Adam Walker
Other Name
Relationship Brother
Condition Unmarried
Age 45
Sex M
Occupation Hand Loom Weaver (Woolen)
Birthplace Peebles, Peebles
1841 Census
1861 Census Link
Alexander Walker Nephew 10MScholarPeebles, Peebles LinkLinkls/o Alexander and Agnes Walker
Name Alexander Walker
Other Name
Relationship Nephew
Age 10
Sex M
Occupation Scholar
Birthplace Peebles, Peebles
Notes ls/o Alexander and Agnes Walker
1841 Census Link
1861 Census Link

Source Citation
1851 Census, Parish of Peebles, Peeblesshire, Enumeration Book 1, Page 27; Index, Scottish Indexes (https://www.scottishindexes.com/51transcript.aspx?houseid=76801126: accessed 04 Jun 2023); Original Source: 1851 Scotland Census, National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland.

N.B. Notes which appear in italics above do not appear in the original records and are supplied from our own research. Alternative surnames (also in italics) have been either inferred as a possibility from the context of the record itself or supplied from other research. The idea behind this is to make it easier to find individuals who may have had more than one surname, but should not to be taken as evidence that the alternative surname shown ever applied to that person.

If a person has a '+' symbol next to their entry, this indicates that we have further research material stored about an individual which we can provide at a modest cost on request.

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