Coverage - Non-OPR Births/Baptisms, Banns/Marriages and Deaths/Burials Indexes

These record sets include entries from all the parish registers we have published in book form so far, plus some additional material. The records we have indexed are taken from Kirk Session material of the Church of Scotland, other Presbyterian churches, and also the registers of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). They are not part of the Church of Scotland Old Parish Registers (or OPRs) which are found on the Scotland's People site. They therefore contain many records of births, marriages and deaths which are not to be found in any other record source.

There are 7,742 entries in the Births/Baptisms; 2,048 entries in the Banns/Marriages; and 16,548 entries in the Deaths/Burials. A more detailed breakdown of the registers by county is given below.

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All Counties

Quaker Digest: Births 1647-1874; Marriages 1656-1875; Deaths 1667-1878.

Crown Office Sudden and Suspicious Deaths: Deaths 1823-1857 (along with a small number of later entries).


Anatomy Registers 1842-1868


Bunkle and Preston Kirk Session (Church of Scotland but not in the OPRs): Baptisms 1684-1690; Marriages 1684-1690.

Chirnside Kirk Session (Church of Scotland but not in the OPRs): Burials 1817-1854.

Eyemouth United Secession Church: Births 1841-1854, 1856 (one entry), 1861 (one entry); Marriages 1843 (one entry), 1850 (two entries).

Lauder Kirk Session (Church of Scotland but not in the OPRs): Burials 1827-1838, also nine deaths 1785-1825.

Swinton & Simprim Kirk Session (Church of Scotland but not in the OPRs): Simprim Baptisms 1668-1674.


Applegarth Kirk Session (Church of Scotland but not in the OPRs): Baptisms 1694-1719, also nine entries from 1765-1766; Marriages 1694-1712, one entry from 1763; Mortcloth payments 1704-1715.

Canonbie Kirk Session: Irregular Marriages and 'Ante-nuptial fornication' cases 1709-1855.

Closeburn (Church of Scotland but not in the OPRs): Baptisms 1726-1754; Marriages 1726-1742, 1748-1753; Burials 1737-1741, 1748-1753.

Dumfries, Buccleuch Street United Presbyterian Church: Births 1846-1856.

Ecclefechan Free Church: Baptisms 1843-1848.

Lochmaben Free Church: Baptisms 1843-1855.

Tinwald (Church of Scotland but not in the OPRs): Banns and Marriages 1832-1854.

Westerkirk (Church of Scotland but not in the OPRs): Irregular Marriages 1768-1824 (35 entries for fines paid); Mortcloth payments 1706-1719, 1768-1805; Burials 1805-1854; Deaths 1842-1854.


Bonhill Kirk Session: Alexandria Cemetery Burial Register 1899-1957.


Glenkens Free Church: Baptisms 1841-1857


Anatomy Registers 1853-1862


West Linton Associate Church: Baptisms 1748-1753, 1815-1832; Marriages 1812-1826; Burials 1812-1817.


Castleton (Church of Scotland but not in the OPRs): Baptisms 1707-1710 (and a few births inferred from Kirk Session minutes); Marriages 1707-1710; Proclamation fees 1767-1770, 1834 (13 entries); Mortcloth payments 1767-1770 (25 entries).

Hawick East Bank Associate Church: Births 1805-1806; Marriages 1805-1806; Deaths 1805-1806 (register not yet fully transcribed).

Hawick Free Church: Births 1843-1852 (register not yet fully transcribed).

Jedburgh Associate Church: Baptisms 1737-1750 (register not yet fully transcribed).

Kelso Relief Church: Births and Baptisms 1813-1819.

Yetholm Burgher Church (New Light or New Licht): Births 1824-1855; Banns 1830-1852; Deaths 1819-1844 (4 entries).


Galashiels Kirk Session (Church of Scotland but not in the OPRs): Baptisms 1666-1671 (three entries), 1672-1690, 1693-1718, 1729 (one entry); Proclamations and Marriages 1672-1683, 1686-1689, 1719 (one entry), 1845-1854; Mortcloth payments 1673-1683.

Galashiels Relief Church: Births and Baptisms 1838-1859.

Selkirk Kirk Session (Church of Scotland but not in the OPRs): Mortcloth payments 1707-1711 (register not yet fully transcribed).

Selkirk United Presbyterian Church: Marriages 1850 (only four entries).


Newton Stewart Relief Church: Births 1791-1844; Marriages 1807 (one entry); Deaths 1812-1816 (three entries).