Coverage - Registers of Deeds

This record set contains indexes to both the national Register of Deeds and selected deed registers in local courts. Find our more in our Learning Zone.

We are indexing the national Register of Deeds (or Books of Council and Session) using the Minute Books, held at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh. The volumes of the register themselves have also been consulted to make up for deficiences in the record provided by the minute books. The periods 1585-1660 and 1705-1769 are largely unindexed at present. Our index so far covers the month of December 1769, but we hope to add more months and years shortly. We are very grateful to our sponsors who have kindly sponsored the indexing of a portion of these records.

We are also indexing deeds from local sheriff and commissary courts, with the coverage so far shown below:

Dumfries Sheriff Court Deed Warrants (selected) 1675, 1699-1702, 1708-1709, 1714, 1717-1719, 1725-1729, 1759-1779
Duns Sheriff Court Register of Deeds (selected) 1815-1816, 1831, 1834
Jedburgh Sheriff Court Deeds Minute Book (excluding protests) 1745-1753
Kirkcudbright Sheriff Court Deed Warrants (selected) 1647-75, 1704, 1758-1765, 1775-1780, 1835, 1857-1859
Peebles Commissary Court Deeds 1755-1761 Selkirk Sheriff Court Deeds 1714-1724

The Register of Deeds index now contains 4,379 entries.

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