Institution Information - Pennywell House

Town/Parish/County: Grange Road, St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian

Alternative Names: [none]

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Locating Records for this institution

For people admitted to Scottish Mental Health institutions from 1 January 1858 a record usually survives in the ‘Notices of Admissions by the Superintendent of the Mental Institutions’ which are held by the National Records of Scotland. We are creating an index to these records and can assist you in searching the unindexed period. Search our index here or read more about the project here.

Records kept by this private institution do not seem to have survived. If you learn of anything concerning the survival or whereabouts of these records, please contact us.

Text from 1857 Royal Commission Report

“PENNYWELL HOUSE, GRANGE ROAD, EDINBURGH; Mrs. Hewitt, Proprietor; Visited 11th July 1855.

This is a modern moderate-sized house, separated from the road by a small plot or garden.

It contains 3 patients, 1 male and 2 females, who have been with Mrs. Hewitt for many years. Two of the patients, a man and a woman, sleep in the attics, which are lighted from the roof. The room of the woman is of tolerable size, but that of the man is a mere closet. The beds are clean and comfortable. The other female sleeps in a small room on the ground-floor. She is of dirty habits, and her room is extremely offensive, the walls being smeared with filth, and the floor wet with urine. The mattress of her bed is foul and rotten, and was drying in the garden. This patient is occasionally unruly, and is then habitually restrained with the strait-waistcoat.

The patients all dine separately. The rate of payment is £40 a year for each. Two servants are kept, and Mrs. Hewitt's son assists in the charge of the house.

There is a small walled garden, with a view of the country to the south. One of the females is trusted out alone to make small purchases, &c. All three patients are elderly.

The medical attendant visits about once a week. His remuneration is £5 yearly, with additional fees in cases of bodily illness.

The Weekly Register is kept, but it contains no entry of mechanical restraint.”

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